• It’s been nearly 8 months since Sally has been with us. I had hired her to take care of my mom who had a fracture in her hips. I appreciate the way Sally took care of all the needs of my mother. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about hiring a home care aid. However, my experience has been good. It also allows me to work in the office without any stress or worry about the health of my mom. Would highly recommend the services of PreferredHome Care.

    Sophie Brown on Facebook
  • Mr. Brian Aponte is helping with matters related to some lawsuits I had filed against defaulter suppliers of my business. He has been a great help and knows all the nuisances about the laws. I got the reference of Mr. Brian from a friend of mine who had earlier availed his services from Preferred Home Care. My Brian later also helped me with managing documents related to my health insurance. He managed most of the tasks which was a big relief for me. If someone is looking for the services of a lawsuit expert, you can definitely get in touch with Preferred Home Care.

    Samuel on Facebook
  • I am satisfied with the services of Preferred Home Care. I had requested for a registered nurse to take care of my wife after she met with an accident. The nurse was efficient and polite. She took good care of my wife including giving medications on time, feeding her food, and helping her with bath and other routine tasks. What’s good is a part of the costs of these services is covered by my insurance policy. The expert care by the nurse has helped my wife recover faster. Would recommend Preferred Home Care nursing services to all those looking for a healthcare aid to take care of a sick person at home.

    Henry Lewis
  • I needed regular physical therapy after an attack of stroke. However, it was not possible for me to visit the hospital or doctor’s clinic every time for the sessions. The doctor suggested me to try physical therapy at home. After doing a bit of research and checking the reviews, I contacted Preferred Home Care to hire a physical therapist. I am impressed by the expertise of the therapists. He came regularly at the time we decided. The physical therapy sessions were very gentle and he made sure I did not experience any pain or discomfort throughout. I suppose the cost of these services would be covered by my Medicare policy. I contacted Preferred Home Care regarding the same and they have assured help regarding the filing of the insurance claim. I am already on the road to recovery and raring to get on with my routine life within a few more days. I would like to thank my therapist, Dr. John Mathew, and also recommend him strongly.

    Bill Obrien
  • My home caregiver is polite, professional, and friendly. She takes good care of my ailing parents and makes them feel loved. She is patient with their needs and listens to all that they have to say during a conversation. This is very important for them as well as me. It relieves me of the guilt of not being able to give adequate time to my parents. My busy schedule does not leave me with any quality time to tender to their needs. But, having a compassionate home caregiver like Bianca has worked as a boon for me and my parents. They do not feel lonely anymore. They are happy and this is what makes me happier.

  • I contact Preferred Home Careevery time I need some help regarding health care or other services like housekeeping. I already have one housekeeper I hired from Preferred Home Care. She takes care of everything at home including cooking and grocery. In the past few years, I have hired help from this agency for several purposes including a nurse when I was sick, an occupational therapist for my son and even a lawyer when I needed help with some lawsuits. I completely trust Preferred Home Careand they have never disappointed me.

    Dima Markus
  • I am impressed by the cooking skills of my home caregiver. She is wonderful at cooking healthy and tasty meals. And I never have to tell her to maintain proper hygiene, wash the fruits and vegetables and so on. She understands the importance of cooking meals in a healthy and hygienic way.

  • Last few months were not so good for me. I met with a serious accident. I was hospitalized for nearly one month with grave injuries and fractures. However, it was not possible for me to continue staying in the hospital due to mounting expenses and the inconvenience it was causing to my other family members. My doctor advised me to hire a home caregiver or a nurse in case I wanted to get discharged from the hospital.This advice worked well for me. Now, I am receiving home care from a registered nurse I hired from PrefPreferred Home Care. She not just gives medicine and injections to me on time but also helps me move about and perform some tasks. This has helped me avoid the expenses of hospitalization. Luckily, the costs of home care services are not too high and a part of it is covered by my Medicare policy. My family is also much relieved now as they are able to continue with their routine activities. My decision to receive homecare was right. I would highly recommend Preferred Home Care to all those who are recovering from an illness and would like to receive care at home.

    David Adress